Torsion Bar Front Suspension Kits

• Soft, Adjustable ride
• Easy Installation on stock frames
• Inexpensive
• Uses Easy to find parts

Gibbon's independent front suspension kits have been
designed to adapt late model Chrysler torsion bar
suspension, which we believe gives one of the best rides
available, to your classic truck frame. Using the vast
supply of Chrysler donor cars for parts, out independent
front suspension becomes a very reliable and practical
way to give you the ride and height you are looking for.
Some kits use the Dodge/Plymouth rack and pinion
while others use the Chrysler steering box. Complete,
illustrated instructions are included with each kit.

Donor Car Parts:
• A-Frame support plates
• Upper and lower A-Frames
• Spindle, Caliper and Rotor assembly
• Strut Rods
• Torsion Bars and Sockets
• Rack and Pinion or Steering Box, Steering Linkage

Donor Cars:
• 1975-79 Chrysler Cordoba, 1973-74 Plymouth Satellite, 
Fury, GTX 1973-78 Dodge Charger, Magnum Rack and 
pinions are from 1981-83 Dodge Aries, Plymouth reliant, 
Dodge passenger car