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Gibbonfiberglass.com and some molds used by Gibbon are now owned by Gibbon Glass Cars. We are currently building parts and bodies primarily the 1932,1933 & 1934 line of 3 & 5 window coupes, sedans & delivery and "A" Tudor to Delivery rear wall conversion kits. The New Delivery kits have "flush" mounted rear door, window garnish & side joint molding and just bolt in where the existing rear wall was.

Contact us at 434-250-1413 or via email

Wait 'till you see our new 1932 Rancho Body we are making starting Dec. 15 2007. It starts with a 32 5 window car and we made it into a nice pick-up or Ranchero or Elcamino body with a bed. It fits a1932 chassis. We will be attending some of the east coast shows with bodies and parts so you will be able to see what you are buying and take it home that day instead of waiting weeks or months to get a look at what you paid for.

I have been on forums and listened to complaints about what owners and builders have liked or disliked about different manufactures bodies and parts and have tried to apply any possible change to meet their requests. I have been in restoration and rebuilding business for 29 years and know what it is like to split someone's door apart because they broke a glass or rebuild the trunk area due to leaks or cut the floor to get a transmission to clear or out. These are just some issues acknowledged. At this time we are not offering the full product line you were accustom to seeing here but do offer a little diversity by offering a cobra A/C type body and a 61 Vette type body.
We are located in south central Virginia a few miles from V.I.R. (Virginia International Raceway) and 50 min. north of Greensboro NC.

Contact us at 434-250-1413 or via email


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